Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Order of Australia for Victor Crittenden

ALIA ACTive congratulates Mr. Victor Crittenden on being awarded the medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division. Victor has been a wonderful contributor to Australia through his work as a librarian (including as the Foundation Librarian, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1968-19860, researcher (particularly in Australian history) and publishing, publisher (Publisher and Editor, Mulini Press, since the 1980s) and writer (editor, from 1995, of the periodical Margin as well as author of Bibliography of the First Fleet, 1982; Colonial Poets; Early Australian Children's Stories; and Small Tales of Early Australia).

Many of us are very fortunate to know Victor for not just his professional contribution but also for his charm and passion for all things library, literary and historical.

Victor has been a fabulous contributor to libraries by encouraging research and development of librarians in Canberra for many years. It is wonderful to see his work recognised!

Congratulations to Victor from all in ALIA in the ACT.


Roxanne Missingham


  1. I have known Victor since 1987 and greatly admired his energy and devotion to things literary and historical, well past the age most people start to wind down. He was charming and always interesting to talk to. There were a number of topics on which our researches overlapped (the Shepherd nursery, the First Fleet, Mrs Rolf Boldrewood, books and art in general) and he was always generous with his information. Thank you Victor.

    Alan Roberts

  2. Dear Alan and other friends of Victor

    I am sorry to say that Victor passed away a few days ago, and his funeral service will be held at Norwood Park, Canberra, at 10.30 Friday 6 June, if you wanted to attend.

    I knew Victor for the past 11 years and agree with you about his great contribution.