Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Library Technicians Day 2011

National Library Technicians Day was celebrated in the capital with a great breakfast at Pork Barrel attended by around 40 enthusiastic ACT library staff and students. Colleen Gammage and I had a wonderful time organizing the event getting more and more excited as the list of acceptances grew. We had two door prizes -a great book published by the Centre for Information Studies at CSU "Libraries in the twenty first century" and "Uniting a profession" published by ALIA.

Library technicians are a vital part of ACT library services - they have fabulous energy, great ideas and skills. I'd like to thank all library technicians for the terrific contribution they make to Australian libraries.

In the coming months we'll think about some more activities for library technicians. If you have any suggestions please contact Colleen or me.

Roxanne Missingham
Parliamentary Librarian

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  1. Thank you for organizing this breakfast. It was nice to meet with other Library Technicians. Can we have more breakfasts or dinner meet ups please?


    Sharon Doig