Thursday, June 7, 2012

Value of Libraries - Knowledge Cafe - How to lobby / communicate with non-stakeholder management

ISSUE:  How to lobby / communicate with non-stakeholder management
v  Develop champions / educate upwards about value, w?? Benefits, outputs etc.
v  Time cost / savings                
o   Efficient research
o   Cost difference between library & other staff
o   Cost saving of shared services
o   Examples of Saving & time saved
v  What meaningful stats should you keep / share
o   Make sure you demonstrate the value outside the library
§  Qualitative results outcomes
v  Be a knowledge base
o   Encourage sharing to avoid “reinventing the wheel”
v  Advocacy as part of Strategic Plan
o   Pre-plan for change in attitude
o   Network
o   Word of mouth
v  Communicate the positivity of being a library
o   Quality information
o   Training
o   Consistency
v  Marketing
o   Not just upwards
o   How can you help all user groups

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