Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Valuing Libraries - Additional Resources - Report (UK)

The Value of Libraries for Research and Researchersreport from Research Libraries UK and the Research Information Network.
From the Executive Summary ... “This report presents the findings of a systematic study of the value of the services that libraries in the UK provide to researchers, and of the contributions that libraries from a wide range of institutions make to institutional research performance. The aim was to identify the key characteristics of library provision to support research in successful UK universities and departments.
The approach comprised two main elements: quantitative analysis of statistics – from SCONUL, HESA, and the RAE, along with bibliometric data - to investigate correlations between the characteristics and behaviours of libraries in 67 UK HE institutions, and the research performance of those institutions; and gathering and analysing a large tranche of qualitative information from nine institutions with a range of characteristics.”
Our thoughts ...The most interesting thing about this report is the in the visual diagram (map) that clearly shows how libraries can and do positively impact on Higher Education Institutions.  This diagram is used to as a basis to demonstrate how ten major library behaviours and characteristics affect and/or benefit Institutions.  It is also interesting that the focus is on qualitative responses backed up by quantative data.  This is a thought provoking report with ideas that can be transposed to other library environments as well as an excellent demonstration to show the value of libraries.

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