Thursday, June 7, 2012

Value of Libraries - Knowledge Cafe - Demonstrating value to organisation / community

ISSUE:  Demonstrating value to organisation / community (original notes are in the form of a mind map)
v  Showing value in an ongoing way – before the threat of closure
o   Impact of not having the library
v  Overcoming stereotypes
v  Linking with organisational / community goals & values
o   Statistics
§  Salaries of professionals in other areas vs. Research staff in libraries
§  Costing
§  Subscription services
o   Highlighting library contribution to major projects – how library work translates to outcome
§  Use of [internal media] & storytelling – tailoring to audience – anecdotes for senior managers (strategic drivers)
§  Executive buy-in
§  Relationship management
§  “Ownership of the library”
§  Targeting services to decision makers
§  How many ministenides {?} (other people keep their statistics)
v  Highlight staff not just resources
v  Training
o   Improving Digital literacy – impact on projects
v  Efficient ways to record & repeat statistics
o   Tools & ways to measure – Templates, EBL
o   Qualitative
v  Understanding of floor space, physicality, physical space vs. digital prescience
o   Space as vulnerable – could this communicate how library is valued or viewed in organisation?            
§  Usability & access – location & how this impacts on usage by demographics
o   Antidote to open plan offices – Explore non library uses
§  “Hook in walls” to link with other services
§  Book clubs / fiction exchange
§  Work-life balance as a quite space.
§  Stress
§  Quiet room or meeting space
o   Accessibility for online material
v  Freelancers Community centre linking people with interests [public libraries as places to meet, build interests or bo quiet!]  vs Business refuge – “vulnerability” or no stupid questions

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