Thursday, June 7, 2012

Value of Libraries - Knowledge Cafe - Invisibility of librarian skillset

ISSUE:  Invisibility of librarian skillset
(eg Google Scholar can access articles if library pays subscriptions)
v  Appreciate access –outcome but no recognition of skills that enabled that access
v  Librarianship skills but sold as KM, database, research etc.
v  Rebrand not simply librarianship but KM, database, info, and research
v  Testimonials from people who can quantify/qualify your skillset and demonstrate to other users and potential users their value.
v  Empowerment of clients =training.
Value and solutions
v  Hour with librarian saves hours and hour of library clients’ time
v  Brand access to all electronic and other services as from library
v  Tagging information and embedded into searching with library service branding so users realise skills by making your skillset more visible to users
v  Liaison librarians’ role to interact with users
v  Embed liaison librarian in other areas to promote skills as well as to better understand clients’ needs
v  Recruit a variety of personality types and age groups into library team so different staff can relate to different client groups and sell the library.
v  “Your library service” as distinctive brand.

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